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Dope Rider

Artist: Kurokuma
Label: Doom Stew Records
Release Date: 07-30-2018
Genres: Doom, Sludge

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Album Reviews

A delightful blend of gritty sludge and kaleidoscopic psychedelia from one of the most integral cogs in the Steel City’s doom inner circle.

Astral Noise

By the time the most accessible closing riff bleeds out to some droning, notes, listeners will want to press play all over again

The Sludgelord

They deliver the goods with this fucked up heavy sludge metal assault on the senses.

Outlaws of the Sun


About Album

Dope Rider artwork © Paul Kirchner.
Recorded by Sam Thredder (Slabdragger) at The Cro’s Nest.
Mixed and mastered by Chris Fielding (Conan) at Skyhammer Studio.