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Artist: Brume
Labels: DHU (NE), Doom Stew Records, When Planets Collide (UK)
Release Date: 20-4-2017
Genre: Doom

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Album Reviews

Worshipping the purity of The Riff, yet with enough psychedelic depth to fashion a very well-rounded and nuanced release, Rooster is a top-quality listen from start to finish.

Wonderbox Metal

It’s an impressive slab of gritty, colorful doom, and it delivers on every paradigm of what we call doom metal.

Doomed & Stoned

Grueling and at times otherworldly.

The Obelisk


About Album

Recorded & produced by Billy Anderson at Sharkbite Studios, Oakland, CA. Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx, San Francisco, CA.

Artwork by Shaun Beaudry.

©2017 Brume – All songs written, arranged & performed by Brume except ‘Harold’. Lyrics are extracts from an original poem by Victoria June Baigrie.

Piano on Welter performed by Billy Anderson.

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